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1, technology consulting : to provide the drying requirements of the buyer, the seller provides the latest dry and free technical advice. 
 selection of recommended : to buy equipment before the seller free of charge to provide the best selection recommendation. 
 installation and commissioning : by buyers and sellers to confirm the equipment layout and equipment installation and commissioning of base map. 
4, training services : supply-side sending a technician to help guide the installation, commissioning qualified, trial operation period, the buyer for the operator training until proficiency so far. 
5, warranty service : Equipment from the date of shipment, warranty 13 months product warranty by the seller non-human damage caused by free repair. 
6, verify with the : According to customer needs to provide free information and verification equipment and management solutions. 
 repair services : equipment failure, no special reason for the party receiving the notice 1-2 days to arrive at the scene based on distance service. 
 parts available : outside the warranty period can provide timely and thoughtful accessories and timely service. 
 random file : According to the contract to provide products and accessories manual, equipment, material reports and other information related to GMP authentication. 
10, life service : product warranty expires, the seller continues to offer Lifetime Service and concessions paid to provide wearing parts. 
11, customer profiles : build customer file system, providing customers search in relation to providing services and information to resolve customer service to worry about.

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Mobile phone:13506116027   Telephone:14787396161   Fax:0519-88673221   Address:Ninghe Village, Zhenglu Town, Tianning District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
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