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Dryer Series
GFG Series High-Efficiency Fluidizing Dryer
FG Series Vertical Fluidizing Dryer(Vertical type)
XF Series Fluidizing Dryer
PLG Series Continual Plate Dryer
KJG Series Hollow Blade Dryer
LZG Series Helix Vibration Dryer
LPG Series High Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer
YPG Series Pressure Spray(Congeal) Dryer
ZYG Series Spray Dryer For Chinese Traditional Medicine Extract
QPG Series Air Stream Spray Dryer
Granulator series
FL-P Series Fluidized Granulator
FLP Series Fluid-bed granulator/pelletor/coater
LBF Series Turbojet Fluid-bed Granulator Coater Rotating fluidized bed Granulation coating machine
PGL-B Spray Drying Granulator
SET Series Double-Srew Extruding Granulator
GHL Series High Speed Mixing Granulator
GFZL Series Dry Granulating Set
Molten Property Granulator
YK Series Swaying Granulator
ZL Series Revolving Granulator
Mixer Series
SYH Series Three Dimensional Mixer
EYH Series Two Dimensional Mixer
SZH Series Double Conical Mixer
VHJ Series Mixers
Model VI series forced stirring mixer
CH Series Slot Shape Mixer
WH Series Double-screw Conical Mixer
WLDH Series Horizontal Ribbon Mixer
WZ Series Zero-gravity Double-axle Paddle Type Mixer
Grinder Series
30B/30BX Series Universal Grinder
WF Series China Herb High Speed Grinder
GFS High Speed Grinder
CSJ Series Date And Efficient Coarse Grinder
CWFJ Series Super Fine Grinder
Auxiliary Series
MC series pluse filter with hop-pocket
JRF Series Coal Combustion Hot Air Furnace
JRML Series Coal Furnace Of Chain
ZS Series Vibrating Sieve
Model FS Series Square Sieve
REY Series Fuel Oil, Gas Hot Air Furnace
ZJ Serial Vacuum Feeder
NTY Series Movable Lifting Feeder
Mechanical Transportation Equipment

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Mechanical Transportation Equipment
Mechanical Transportation Equipment
Features:       The inlet of this machine and transportation pipe uses opening U shape. According to the requirement, the screw may use transition section or…
NTY Series Movable Lifting Feeder
NTY Series Movable Lifting Feeder
Description:      The lifter researched and manufactured by the company is the newest generation lifting equipment on the basis of digested and absorbed the n…
ZJ Serial Vacuum Feeder
ZJ Serial Vacuum Feeder
Features: ● Fast feeding of materials. ● Long time for continuous working. ● No leakage, clean and healthy, suitable for clean workshop. ● Compact size, easy moving and si…
REY Series Fuel Oil, Gas Hot Air Furnace
REY Series Fuel Oil, Gas Hot Air Furn…
Features:      It is wide used for heating, damp removing of pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff, textile, printing and dyeing, food, grain processing, atuomob…
Model FS Series Square Sieve
Model FS Series Square Sieve
Features:     It adapts quick disassembling handle at the upper part of this machine. The handle connects the machine as the all and the one. Its upper cover is se…

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