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Address:Ninghe Village, Zhenglu Town, Tianning District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
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Business purposes: To this letter, to seize superior technology, quality, build a strong corporate brand.

Spirit of enterprise:Better, stronger, faster

Corporate positioning:
Engaged in the development, manufacturing, sales environmentally friendly, efficient, safe and easy drying granulating equipment, bigger and stronger doing fine, hard to help customers improve productivity.

Corporate Mission: 
Interest to innovate for our customers,Treat the cost of innovation and technological innovation as committed, Allow more people access to newer and better technology, The lowest total cost of ownership, higher efficiency.

Philosophy: Leading drying technology to achieve leapfrog development
In dry granulation areas continue to develop and research the latest technology to meet customer needs and provide quality products and services.
To provide safe and efficient environmentally friendly products for the mission, all the business activities through unremitting efforts. 
The basis of shared responsibility to establish labor-management relationship of mutual trust, creating a play to maximize the power of individual creativity and team culture.
Committed to mutual consultations and innovation, to achieve long-term stable and harmonious development.

Core Values:
Care staff——Continuing commitment to return employees to improve the care and
Customer success——Committed to customer satisfaction and success
Return to the community——Contributing to society, to create harmony.
Entrepreneurship and innovation——The pursuit of speed and efficiency, focusing on the impact of innovation and corporate customers
Accurate and realistic——Fact-based decision-making and business management
Integrity——Build relationships of trust and responsibility

Core competitiveness of enterprises:
The concept of innovation as a guide to strategic innovation as the direction to the organization for the protection of innovation, technology innovation as a means to market innovation as the goal, the use of limited resources integration, providing space for character development, sense of identity involved in coordinating the development, to achieve an infinite value.

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Mobile phone:13506116027   Telephone:14787396161   Fax:0519-88673221   Address:Ninghe Village, Zhenglu Town, Tianning District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
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